R&R’s Promise

We are R&R Machine Service

The R&R Machine Service company’s history can be summed up in a couple of words, “Can Do”.

Since our formation in 2006, our client partners have brought many challenges through the doors. We have become known for our machine shop expertise and ability to repair of any-and-all types of rotating and reciprocating machinery. As our reputation for taking on out-of-the-ordinary projects has grown, word has spread.

Our experience pre-dates official company timelines. R&R’s two founding partners have been working in similar Salt Lake Valley businesses for more than 40 years, and are extremely proud of the loyal following developed throughout the states of Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Expanding to serve the growing needs of industry

In R&R Machine Service’s formative years, we almost exclusively served the oil and gas industry. Over time, we have grown to become an equally reliable partner to the mining, power generation, and general industrial sectors. R&R has been honored to establish longstanding master service agreements with key customers, and welcome the opportunity to prove ourselves with like-minded businesses.

R&R Machine Service underwent a significant evolutionary development in 2017 after joining the Westpower Group, based out of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Partnering with Westpower has expanded our machining, repair, field service and engineering expertise. With the addition of Westpower’s significant engineering resources, pump manufacturing, proprietary hard-coating technology and OEM partnerships, R&R is able to provide integrated solutions and add even greater value to our clients.


Learn how R&R Machine Service can provide innovative repair, maintenance and equipment solutions to support your operations.