Industrial Lubrication

provided by Westpower

Westpower is the authorized Royal Purple, Calumet Specialty Products and Bel-Ray stocking distributor the USA for Arizona, southern Idaho, Utah and Wyoming.

Lubrication Expertise

Using the right lubrication isn’t enough. Lubrication best practices play an important role in lowering the operation costs and improving the reliability of your equipment.

Inadequate, contaminated or incorrect lubrication are common themes associated with bad actors. These problems can result in vibration, overheating and frequent equipment failures.

By utilizing Westpower to support your lubrication needs, equipment will work more efficiently, consume less energy and benefit from extended product life.

Our goal is to better manage maintenance costs, reduce the frequency of breakdowns, and maximize equipment uptime and value. Coincidentally, these actions also decrease your consumption of lubricants and minimize the associated environmental impact.

Westpower's experts assess your specific lubrication needs and recommend the ideal oil, grease, best practices, breathers, filters and transfer systems to ensure optimal performance for your critical process equipment.

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Learn more about our assessment program to ensure you are utilizing the optimal lubricants for your application.